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Due to the nature of my work, all these testimonials are anonymous.

"Victoria allowed me to process my past and validated my experiences. She didn’t force an agenda on me and instead let me work through my problems, supporting me to challenge or accept them.

I have seen several other therapists in the past but this was a completely different experience. Victoria is open, kind and honest, and I made more progress in the months spent seeing her than I did in years of therapy previously.

She made it easy to commit to the process and I am so glad and grateful that I did."

"Visiting Victoria has been a life changing experience. An inspirational force for good. I laughed and cried, I realised I was not alone and it wasn’t my fault.

Without Victoria’s dedication and skill I would still be in a troubled place.

Life is so much better now."

"Working with Victoria has enabled me to become less impulsive in daily decisions. I am now able to identify and regulate my emotions with clarity. She has provided essential assistance to me during traumatic life events."

“Victoria has honestly been the best therapist I have gone to so far. When I started seeing her I was at a very low point in my life and the support and safe space she provided me with helped me get through and even overcome the rough times. I had different eating disorders for about 6 years and I am happy to say that now, for the first time in those 6 years, I feel free and rid of them. Victoria is an amazing person and therapist and I am thankful for the time I had with her"

"Having spent over 2 years working with Victoria I feel I am now in a place where I far better understand my choices, my actions and my self.  The work on myself is never truly over and, when I’m ready to do the next bit, I know where to go.

For now, I am enjoying using this newfound perspective and insight in my life, and living it."

"After years of shying away from asking for help, I'm very pleased to have persevered with Victoria. This resulted in me opening up with people and realising it's ok to be vulnerable, as well as understanding my actions and emotions better".

"Your personal warmth and the safe space you give me has meant that I am able to look at some difficult things but never feel alone".

“Having struggled with an eating disorder for the last twelve years, I am very thankful to Victoria for providing a warm and safe place for me to explore and understand it.

Her support has enabled me to make a full recovery, and given me the foundations to move forward with a very positive outlook for the future.”

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