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About counselling and therapy in Central London

Counselling or therapy is an opportunity to have a look at what might be bothering you. It is a unique relationship that offers a space for you without judgement, criticism, being told what to do or to just “pull yourself together”.

You will be heard and responded to with empathy and compassion; the space and time is yours entirely without pressure to be able to come up with all the answers.

During therapy, many answers can be found, patterns of behaviour understood and relationships made more meaningful.

Sometimes we just want to know “what’s the whole point of this?” and through talking and listening, new perspectives on life and relationships can be revealed.

Duration and frequency of appointments

Therapy usually happens once a week, at the same time on the same day and for fifty-minute sessions. You will be offered a peaceful environment without interruptions and your confidentiality maintained.

Sessions will continue for as long as you and I think is necessary and helpful, unless there is a prior arrangement for a set amount of sessions.

Ending therapy will usually be by mutual agreement and some time will be spent saying goodbye and looking at what has been beneficial.

This is your therapy and your time to make the necessary changes that could be so beneficial and life-changing.

Understanding Addiction

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